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Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care: Treating Acne, Stretch Marks, & More

A pregnant women looking in the mirror while touching her cheek, noticing how her skin is changing during pregnancy.

Pregnancy changes your whole world, including your skin care regimen. Dry skin, acne, and hyperpigmentation can develop, and your standard go-to products may not be pregnancy-safe. Pampering your skin looks slightly different with pregnancy, but you can nourish your skin and target pregnancy-related skin changes with the right products. By staying away from certain ingredients […]

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Does PRP Work for Everyone?

A woman receiving a PRP treatment on her face to rejuvenate her skin

What Is PRP? Taking care of your skin is vital to your health and confidence. New and exciting procedures are introduced every day, but knowing which one will work best for you isn’t always obvious. For example, many injectables rejuvenate the skin, from neuromodulators to derma fillers. But have you heard of a vampire facial?  […]

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