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Why Is My Skin Dry Even When I Moisturize?

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A woman looking in the mirror while moisturizing her face because her skin feels dry.

You hit snooze a few times, commute to work, hustle all day, and finally, you’re ready to unwind and relax. As you settle down for the night, you ask yourself, “Why does my skin feel so dry?” You fret and apply moisturizer, thinking it will help, but you still feel dehydrated.

This may sound all too familiar; it’s a common occurrence for most of us. But why is it such a mystery to have dry skin even when moisturizing daily? You may have dry skin because of harsh ingredients in your moisturizer, a lack of exfoliation, dehydration, dry air, and not applying moisturizer at the right time.

To beat dry skin and restore your moisture barrier, our skincare experts can assess your skin type, consider your lifestyle, and recommend the moisturizer that will lock in hydration and keep your skin soft.

What Is Drying Out My Skin?

Why isn’t your moisturizer fixing your dry skin? You may need to add new habits or swap out your existing routines. But some things can strip your skin of moisture more than others.

Your Moisturizer May Be the Culprit

You read that right! Your moisturizer might cause your skin to feel dry and tight. Moisturizers can be chock full of harsh ingredients, such as alcohol, that can strip away your skin’s natural oils and dehydrate your skin.

It’s important to read the ingredients list before purchasing a moisturizer and make sure it’s alcohol-free and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Your medical aesthetician can help curate the right products for your skin, whether you have naturally dry skin or you’re falling victim to the dry climate.

Exfoliating: A Skin-Saviour

If you’re not exfoliating, you should start. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, allowing moisturizers to absorb better into the skin, providing more hydration. Not to mention, exfoliating can:

  • Improve skin texture
  • Prevent acne
  • Reduce signs of aging

Be cautious not to overdo it, as over-exfoliating can cause irritation, redness, and even more dryness. Not all exfoliants are right for your skin. Let the skin experts help you discover the right exfoliator for your skin goals.

Hydration from Within

The health of our inner body greatly impacts the health of our skin. Drinking enough water daily can help you maintain glowing, hydrated skin. Drinking beverages high in water content, such as herbal teas and green juices, can also contribute to better hydration levels from the inside out.

Ideally, you should drink at least 8 glasses (64 ounces) of water daily. And, there are ways you can make a plain glass of water feel like a fancy beverage. Add berries, mint, cucumber, or pineapple for a refreshing boost of hydration.

Dry Air

Getting a humidifier can be a game-changer for your skin. Dry air can rob your skin of moisture and cause uncomfortable dryness and cracking. Your skin can appreciate added moisture to the air in your home or office.

Timing Matters

Another factor to consider is the timing of your moisturizing routine. Applying moisturizer to damp skin (after showering, washing your face, or spraying your face with a hydrating mist) can help lock in moisture and prevent your skin from feeling dry.

Applying moisturizer before bed is also beneficial, as the skin does a lot of its rejuvenating and healing while we rest.

A hand holding a jar of cream and the other hand has a small amount of cream on the pointer finger.

Skincare Ingredients for Hydration

As beauty enthusiasts, you want that glowing, hydrated, and supple skin. However, with the numerous skincare products out there, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options and jargon.

When you’re trying to defeat dryness, there are hydrating skincare ingredients you need to know about to achieve your ultimate glow.

Hyaluronic Acid: The Holy Grail Ingredient

One of the most popular hydrating ingredients in skincare is hyaluronic acid (HA). This powerful ingredient has a unique ability to retain and hold up to a thousand times its weight in water, making it the ultimate hydration hero.

HA works by attracting moisture from the environment into the skin, keeping it plump and hydrated. If you’re looking to add a hydrating serum or moisturizer to your skincare routine, replenishing hyaluronic acid can support the natural skin barrier.

Glycerin: The Humectant Queen

Glycerin is another must-have ingredient if you’re looking to boost hydration in your skincare routine. It’s a humectant that attracts water to the skin, preventing moisture loss and keeping your skin hydrated all day. Glycerin can also benefit your skin by:

  • Improving early signs of photoaging
  • Improving the skin barrier
  • Protecting against irritants

Squalane: The Unsung Hero

Squalane may not be as popular as hyaluronic acid or glycerin, but it’s just as effective in locking in moisture. It’s derived from squalene, a natural substance produced by our sebaceous glands that diminishes as we age.

Squalane is an excellent emollient that restores the skin’s barrier and prevents water loss, resulting in supple, hydrated skin. You can find squalane oil in facial oils, cleansers, moisturizers, and serums.

Ceramides: The Barrier Builders

Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids in our skin that are responsible for maintaining the skin barrier. When the skin’s barrier is weakened, moisture escapes, which can dehydrate the skin and lead to dryness and irritation.

When added to skincare products, ceramides restore and strengthen the skin’s barrier, keeping moisture locked in and skin hydrated.

Discover Ultimate Hydration

Achieving hydrated skin takes more than just drinking endless water every day. It requires products with hydrating ingredients that penetrate the skin barrier and lock in moisture. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, squalane, and ceramides are just a few of the hydrating ingredients you can look for when asking about skincare products.

With these ingredients, you can say hello to the radiant, hydrated complexion you’ve always wanted.

Schedule a consultation with the passionate skincare team at Iconic Beauty Aesthetics for a complete skin assessment, hydrating facials, skin treatments, and product recommendations. No matter your skin concerns, we can help improve the look and health of your skin.

Written by Sarah Noble

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