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About Microneedling (or Collagen Induction Therapy)

Did you know you can leverage your body’s natural healing process to get more even skin?

Microneedling is a procedure that uses small medical-grade needles to create micro-injuries in the skin. The healing process stimulates elastin and collagen production, resulting in smoother, firmer skin.

The treatment is minimally invasive and typically requires no downtime, but may need multiple appointments for ideal results.

Who Could Benefit From Microneedling?

Microneedling is considered safe for most people that are in overall good health. Typically, microneedling can help treat:

Usually, microneedling is used primarily on the face. However, it’s also been used on other parts of the body for scarring and stretch marks.

What Should
I Expect?

The Conversation

Before we get started with any treatment, we will have a no-obligation consultation to pinpoint any issues and talk about your goals. This conversation will involve relevant medical and family history to ensure the treatment you are seeking is right for you.

We will then discuss your expected results and any associated risks with the procedure before moving forward.

Before beginning treatment, we’ll cleanse your skin and apply a topical anesthetic to ease any discomfort. Then we’ll use a device called an InnoPen to make small, even pricks on your skin.

The entire process can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the size of the treatment area. After the procedure, we’ll apply a soothing balm or serum to promote healing.

You’ll most likely have some redness and irritation immediately after the procedure. Most patients say they feel comfortable enough to continue with their day.

Recovery is typically minimal, and most patients return to their daily activities the next day. Avoid using too many products on your skin for the following days. If your skin is still quite red, a lightweight foundation or powder may be acceptable.

Until your skin is completely healed:

  • Avoid alcohol-based products and exfoliants.
  • Use proper sun protection, as your skin will be very sensitive.
  • Avoid activities that may cause excessive sweating.

Depending on your treatment goals, you may need multiple appointments.

What Do I Need to Know?

What are the Risks of Microneedling?

You’ll likely experience some minor skin irritation, swelling, and redness following the procedure. Major complications are rare, but if you begin to experience the following, please call your doctor.

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Peeling

Ideal candidates are adults in good health, wanting to treat and improve the appearance of their skin. Most people can get microneedling so long as they don’t have any active infections or wound healing problems.

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss any specific instructions on how to prepare for treatment. We’ll most likely ask you to:

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure and tanning for several weeks before treatment.
  • Drink lots of water before your appointment.
  • Arrange a ride home and take the rest of the day off.
  • Avoid wearing makeup or moisturizer on the day of your appointment.

We also ask that you arrive early so we can finish up any last-minute paperwork or payments.

Many patients see results within a few days of their initial treatment. Microneedling stimulates collagen production, so results can continue to improve for up to 6 months.

Multiple treatments may be necessary for visibly noticeable results.

Microneedling can help you achieve smoother, firmer skin with minimal downtime. After a few treatments, you’re likely to notice results.

Microneedling also increases the skin’s retention of serums or balms, so additions like PRP or vitamin C can boost treatment efficacy.

Your skin will likely be sensitive after your appointment. For the following few days after treatment, avoid:

  • Harsh cosmetics or products
  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Strenuous activity that may cause sweating
  • Swimming or activities that pose a risk of infection

Extensive Training

Our experienced staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure we provide the highest-calibre service. This training includes:

  • Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics
    • Basic and advanced training of anatomy, Botulinum Toxin, and facial dermal fillers with Dr. Warren Roberts and Dr. Kimit Rai.
  • Aesthetics Centre for Excellence
    • Neuromodulators and hyaluronic acid fundamentals with Dr. Jonathan Lee, MD, FRCSC, a renowned specialist of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.
  • The Filler Course
    • 3-day comprehensive dermal filler training, adverse management, and hands-on training with Dr. Andrew Dargie.
  • Julie Horne, RN, Lip Masterclass in Oslo, Norway.
  • Derma Medical with Dr. Zack Alley in London, England
    • Foundation and advanced BOTOX and filler training and advanced masterclass.
  • The Esthetic Institute Training Center: Advanced Clinical Esthetician 
  • Certified RN Prescriber
  • Facial Reshaping & Non-surgical Liplift
    • Dr. Harris Academy
  • Filler Complications Mastery Program
    • Dr. Tim Pearce
  • Advanced Injection Therapy Masterclass
    • Dr. Aurther Swift
  • Fotona SP Dynamis Advanced Training Academy
    • Clarion Medical

Before/After Results

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See Our Reviews

See Our Reviews

Iconic Beauty Aesthetics
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Krista Corbett
Krista Corbett
20:28 27 Jul 21
From the friendly professionalism, to the overall environment of the clinic, Iconic Beauty has me coming back time and time again. I am extremely happy with the results of my botox and lip injections! With the overall atmosphere and gentleness of the procedures, I will continue to come back and support this business. Amazing staff goes a long way in this industry and they have nailed it. Couldn’t be happier!read more
Alysha Lindley
Alysha Lindley
18:08 19 Jul 21
Had a service with Brittany this morning. Left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! With new knowledge on skincare and products for my skin type. The atmosphere in this clinic is unreal, it’s like walking into the pages of a magazine. Staff was friendly and helpful. Looking forward to my next service.read more
Tori Ginter
Tori Ginter
22:20 24 Jun 21
The most amazing people. they made me feel so comfortable. The place is beautiful, very clean and professional. I HIGHLY recommend iconic beauty.read more
Rylee Bodie
Rylee Bodie
03:58 15 Jun 21
I got my very first treatment of lip filler today, and I was so nervous! I have a cleft lip so I was a bit worried it would turn out not exactly how I wanted but wow I was wrong! Sarah knew exactly what she was doing and she killed it! She made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. The whole atmosphere and the staff made it so welcoming. I definitely recommend seeing Sarah and her team to help you with your needs! Thanks ladies!read more
corey assef
corey assef
19:51 07 Jun 21
Had the best experience at Iconic! Rayna is AMAZING with skin and so knowledgable. She answered all of my questions and tailored a wedding package treatment plan that will have my skin glowing. Sarah is also an expert with injections and was able to give me exactly what I wanted. I would trust her with my face any day! I used to travel to Calgary to find this level of expertise and professionalism and I’m so glad I wont have to anymore.read more
Kelly Burren
Kelly Burren
04:04 17 Apr 21
This place is absolutely stunning. I 100 % recommend. The moment I walked in the staff was so warming and welcoming. I had a consultation with Sarah, she was so lovely. Sarah was extremely knowledgable and caring.I am a newbie to beauty aesthetic and she was able to answer all my questions and concerns. Beyond happy with my results and will be back.read more
Danielle Striemer
Danielle Striemer
16:16 11 Apr 21
After hearing only amazing things from friends who are clients of Iconic Beauty Aesthetics, I thought I would go myself. I’ve always had issues with my skin, which has made me very self conscious and hesitant to seek help. I made the commute to Red Deer and it was worth every kilometer. Sarah listened and was able to address my concerns and more, making me feel comfortable and cared for. I’m beyond happy with the results. I feel more confident and 10 years younger after my first treatments. Highly recommend!!read more
Cynthia Carton
Cynthia Carton
20:07 02 Apr 21
I would 100% recommend Iconic Beauty Aesthetics to everyone! I have always been unsure of where to go for the things that they offer. I booked a consult, which was at no charge, Sara is just so knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable. I don’t know much about anything cosmetic and I knew I was in the right place! I’ve had a couple things done here and have not been disappointed whatsoever! I will be a repeat client for sure! If you are on the fence of where to go I assure you after your consult @ Iconic Beauty you won’t be!read more
N Hedlund
N Hedlund
15:11 17 Mar 21
You will LOVE this place ! This office has a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere along with caring and knowledgeable staff. Sarah creates a plan for giving natural, beautiful results. She is an artist with attention to every detail.I would highly recommend having any type of treatment or enhancement. Also their skin care line is wonderful for all types of skin and aging concerns.read more
Bonnie Whitlock
Bonnie Whitlock
23:59 10 Mar 21
My RN Sarah Noble was awesome! She took the time to ask me questions about what I’d like done. I got my lips and cheeks done and I have to say it’s the most Beautiful job anyone has ever done! My lips look like flower petals and my cheeks lifted my face. Iconic Beauty Aesthetics is the best place ever! You won’t leave this place disappointed!Bonnie Whitlock 😋read more
04:16 10 Mar 21
I love this place!!! Not only are the clinic stunningly beautiful but they’re filled with the most beautiful, helpful and professional staff who will make you feel so welcome. Sarah is so good at what she does and makes you feel comfortable. She is knowledgeable and will make sure she goes the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with your results. Thank you for the most amazing experience! See you very soon!read more
Ceianna Hallman
Ceianna Hallman
01:28 10 Mar 21
What an amazing experience with Sarah and all the staff! You walk in to the most beautiful place and are treated like gold!! I’m so happy with the result of my chin and under eye filler! My profile is improved with just the right amount of enhancement!! What an amazing and positive experience! I’ll be back soon ladies!! Can’t wait! 💕read more
Ashten H
Ashten H
03:44 06 Mar 21
Amazing experience! Iconic Beauty is a stunning studio! The staff are so kind and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Bella MD facial. I left with my skin feeling fabulous. The skin products are amazing, can’t wait for my next visit!read more
Kayleigh Vandewal
Kayleigh Vandewal
16:49 04 Mar 21
What’s not to say about this amazing place! First steps inside the beautiful place you are greeted by friendly and personable staff. From there you are taken to a stunning back area while you wait…which isn’t long. For myself I had received derma filler under my eyes by Sarah. I’m new to the cosmetic world, she had the utmost professionalism and communication throughout the whole process. A few days after, even though the office was closed and my follow up appointment wasn’t for another 2 weeks, she had contacted me to see how things were looking. End result LOVE!!read more
Nichole Jarvis
Nichole Jarvis
05:33 03 Mar 21
I highly recommend the bella MD facial from this fabulous space. Pregnancy has taken it’s toll on my skin, thank goodness for the lovely ladies at iconic who are still able to pamper me and make me feel beautiful while pregnant. This was by far the best facial I have ever received.read more
L Nederlof
L Nederlof
04:53 03 Mar 21
I cannot say enough good things about Sarah and all the staff at this beautiful clinic. From the time you step in the doors you are welcomed and made to feel right at home, the staff are so knowledgeable and really take their time explaining each procedure and educating you on skin care. With a customized plan they helped me treat my melasma and transformed my skin, the results are so much better than I had thought possible. The clinic is stunning and something you would expect to find in a big city. It is such a treasure to have right here in Red Deer. I would recommend this clinic to anyone, whether you have specific skin care concerns or are looking for some pampering this is the place to go.read more
Megan Kroon
Megan Kroon
02:53 02 Mar 21
Sarah and her team are amazing! They made me feel welcome in their beautiful new space. My skin has never looked better and I will definitely be back for future services.read more
Dawn Isaac
Dawn Isaac
22:30 28 Feb 21
I can’t say enough about Iconic Beauty’s beautiful space and kind knowledgeable staff. This is the first esthetics clinic that I’ve visited that has taken the time to come up with an overall plan with steps taken slowly for a beautiful , natural result. Sarah is truly a very skilled artist in this fieldread more
18:24 24 Feb 21
What a wonderful experience I have had with Iconic Beauty. The staff are very welcoming, kind, knowledgeable, and caring. They took the time to answer all of my questions and make me feel at ease. From the initial consult to the pre and post care after having micro laser treatments for facial hyperpigmentation I could not be happier with the results and the care I received.read more
Robyn H
Robyn H
22:21 04 Feb 21
I recently visited Sarah at her stunning clinic because I had some concerns about the dermal fillers that had been placed under my eyes from a previous clinic. Unfortunately I needed to have them dissolved but Sarah was amazing and took her time to explain the procedure and what to expect before and after. She is truly a professional with a passion for what she does and in saying so it directly reflects in her work. The before and after photos of the work she did vs the work I had done previously were truly astonishing. What a world of difference an incredible practitioner can make. I highly recommend you visit the studio, not only for her excellent quality of work but for the overall experience that only her studio can bring.read more
Alejandra Feindel
Alejandra Feindel
00:32 12 Dec 20
I visited a iconic Beauty for a consultation and from the moment I walked in there I felt so comfortable, everyone is very welcoming, the place is very clean and beautiful.The staff is Amazing, very professional and knowledgeable.Sarah educated me step by step everything that we would be doing and the proper after care.I was extremely satisfied with my results and would definitely be coming back 🙂read more
Stephanie Gair
Stephanie Gair
02:54 08 Dec 20
I recently visited Iconic Beauty for injections. The professionalism from the beginning was impeccable. The booking, the doctor calling to review my medical history (which I have never had done before- I think this is so important!) and the actual injecting appointment itself was all amazing. Clinic staff were friendly and professional. Sarah the injector was very thorough from the series of photos before and after, to the explaining throughout the appointment. Nothing was rushed and everything was explained in depth during the appointment. I can’t say enough great things about my experience at Iconic and can’t wait until my next visit.read more
Jennifer Richardson
Jennifer Richardson
21:19 20 Nov 20
This beautiful establishment speaks for itself just based on the appearance alone…(p.s. it’s GORGEOUS inside!). Then you encounter the friendly, knowledgeable, amazing staff that make your experience comfortable and rewarding! My appointment with Sarah went even better than expected and my results are stunning! So pleased with my decision and the outcome!! I will definitely be back to try more of the services available!read more
Randalene Traverse
Randalene Traverse
02:18 11 Nov 20
I had my first appointment with Sarah at Iconic,and I don’t even know where to begin. This clinic is stunning !!! You can tell how much love, passion and attention to detail was put into this little oasis for women(and men too) It was an experience, which to me and my passed experience, separates them from the rest. I’m 38 years old, and schedule a consult for dermal filler. This is the first time I’ve had a photo profile made, before and after photos for me to see, at different angles. Every step was explained, the time was taken to make sure that I left happy, Sarah is a perfectionist. I was contacted before my appointment to consult with Dr. Kym Jim, he was very pleasant and thorough when discussing my medial history. Rebecca and Rayna also were so kind and helpful ! Very happy client, strongly recommend!read more
Corinne Randall
Corinne Randall
12:39 12 Oct 20
I had a wonderful experience! I received a micro laser peel from Rayna and she did an amazing job. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed with her knowledge, positive attitude and kind spirit. The clinic is absolutely beautiful! I was so wowed by the whole layout it’very unique, bright, happy, clean and inviting. All the staff were very kind, courtesy and helpful. I will definitely continue getting treatments from this clinic.I am so grateful for the recommendation and I thank the staff for a great experience!read more
Shaira Golong
Shaira Golong
19:12 09 Oct 20
Stunning NEW Beauty Clinic in Red Deer! Every space was picture perfect including their bathrooms! I also love that their place is paperless! Staff are very welcoming and professional! I have gotten a laser here and my laser technician, Rayna was very thorough and I appreciate that alot, because it makes me less nervous about the whole process. Will definitely be back for more beauty treatments! Highly recommend!read more
Dominique Fortin
Dominique Fortin
04:38 07 Oct 20
This clinic will have you feeling like you’ve escaped Red Deer and are a celebrity getting pampered in New York. The space is STUNNING!! Professional, high-end service will have you feeling well taken care of from the time you step into the doors to the moment you leave. My face has never felt better and I’m looking forward to coming back again and again. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable making the whole experience fun and comfortable with AMAZING results. I’ve never been to a nicer clinic anywhere, let alone in Red Deer, nothing compares!! Get yourself in there to start feeling your best, you will not regret it!!read more
Janice Jeffries
Janice Jeffries
02:03 04 Oct 20
Visiting Iconic Beauty was an incredible experience! The space is stunning and I was greeted warmly by the lovely receptionist. The consultation process with Sarah was great! No pressure, just honesty. I am thrilled with the results! This is the BEST place to go for all your appearance enhancing needs!read more
Hristo Vasilev
Hristo Vasilev
19:06 03 Oct 20
Not just a clinic, but a piece of art !The very moment I stepped in , I felt that I’m stepping in a different , magical , wonder world of beauty. Every single inch of this space, its filed with love and attention to detail.Magnificent , it’s a small , week word to describe Iconic Beauty Aesthetics!Just do yourself a favor , and go see the Queen Of Beauty Herself!I trust Sarah and her team 100% ,their professionalism, high class education , product lines and equipment, are beyond exceptional!I love you my beautiful friend , and I know , I just know , that you will win the hearts of every single one of your guests , with your magic wand and kind touch🌺❤️read more
Chrystal Torgerson
Chrystal Torgerson
00:57 03 Oct 20
With 50 years closing in quickly I was really starting to show my age. you know the old saying if you look good you feel good ……and I didn’t.So I bit the “proverbial bullet” and did something about it.Sarah and her staff were amazing. From the initial consultation to the finished product and I couldn’t be happier. I swear I look 10 years younger but a natural 10 years younger.Now I not only look better but feel better. Amazing what a little self love can do for a person.Thank you so much Sarah and staff. Your place is a retreat with benefits. I can’t wait to return for a little more self love.read more
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