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Can Chemical Peels Make Skin Worse?

A woman laying down smiling, receiving a chemical peel to smooth and brighten her skin

Chemical peels can boost your confidence and give you healthier-looking skin. Reducing scars, acne, and uneven skin tone can help you love the way you look.  With the word “chemical,” it’s natural to question if this treatment can damage your skin. Before you book an appointment, learn more about chemical peels, including what they are […]

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The Chemical Peel Process: What to Expect Day by Day

An aesthetician applying a chemical peel to a clients cheek using a brush

Looking in the mirror, you may see only tired, dull skin, but we know that underneath is a glowing complexion ready to shine. Chemical peels can help bring that glowing skin to the surface, smooth away dead cells, and reveal a youthful appearance. Chemical peels are popular because they effectively restore radiant skin, but before […]

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